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Electro Magnetic Fields

Over the past 20 years, there has been a rising concern over the effects of electricity on our health. Questions have been asked ranging from what are the health effects of living near electrical pylons to how far away from the television should I sit?

When it comes to living with electricity in our homes, there are two main fields to look at: the electro-magnetic field and the electrical field.

An electrcial field is given off by any applicance that is plugged into the wall, whether or not it is in use and any wiring in the walls, floor or roof.
An electro-magnetic field (EMF) is given off when that appliance is switched on - basically when it is operational.

Trifield Meter Trifield Meter

Electrical fields can be screened with most non conductive building materials as well as with trees and plants.

So far, EMFs have been linked to:
  • a depletion in the immune system
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • poor/unstable sleep patterns
  • reproductive disabilities
  • neurobehavioral dysfunction
  • cancer
Please refer to the following websites for research conducted on the effects of EMFs:

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
Holistic Health Magazine How EMFs can affect your immune system
Australian College of Natural Medicine Journal EMFs linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Living Energy EMF & Electrical Field Testing service
You can have the EMF and electrical fields in your home or business tested with our trifield meter. This service is particularly useful for identifying high levels in bedrooms, living rooms, study/home office and workstations or any other place where you spend considerable amounts of time sitting, working or sleeping.
This service is automatically included with any Feng Shui home or business consultation booked.

For bookings or enquires
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